Tzvi Lexier Discusses Tips for Traveling Safely During the Holidays

Zvi Lexier

January 15, 2022

Zvi Lexier Discusses Tips for Traveling Safely During the Holidays

Avid traveler and photographer, Tzvi Lexier recently discussed his top tips for traveling safely during the upcoming holiday season.

Recent winter holiday seasons have been different from the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has made travelers drastically more cautious about spreading sickness to their loved ones. However, more people will be traveling amidst the pandemic this year, and avid travel Tzvi Lexier recently offered his top tips for staying safe.

“The holiday season is coming, and we all want to visit our friends and family,” Zvi Lexier said. “But we need to be extremely cautious when making these decisions.”

Lexier has been traveling the country and world since he was a child. He knew the ins and outs of travel safety before COVID-19 and is now putting his expertise to work helping others.

Tzvi Lexier explained that the first step in your travel planning should be to assess the health of yourself and those you’ll be visiting. Exhaustion due to travel can weaken the immune system and put individuals at greater risk of becoming ill. Discuss with your doctor whether you’re physically fit to travel, and be sure to fill any prescriptions you’ll need ahead of time.

“Communication is a major key to traveling safely this holiday season,” Lexier said. “You’ll need to discuss your health condition and the health condition of the others you’ll be seeing. It’s also important to determine who is or is not vaccinated, and if unvaccinated visitors are welcome.”

Zvi Lexier shares that certain destinations are currently safer than others. Infection levels in some parts of the country skyrocketing while others are remaining the same or dropping. Be aware of COVID hotspots and avoid them as much as possible this holiday season. The Mayo Clinic offers a hotspot map with forecast and county transmission rates.

“It’s important to remember that winter is when many respiratory infections and viruses thrive,” Zvi Lexier said. “Travelers should continue to wash their hands often, carry hand sanitizer on the plane or in the car, and use masks when around others outside their household.”

Zvi Lexier explained that it’s especially important to prepare for crowds of travelers this holiday season. Many people haven’t seen some family members in more than two years, and statistics show people are eager to travel. According to USA Today, Christmas reservations are up 469 percent compared to last year. Thanksgiving reservations are up 302 percent.

Tzvi Lexier goes on to tell us that “As travelers, we need to be incredibly careful this holiday season,” Lexier concluded. “We need to keep our loved ones safe, and we don’t want to spark another surge in COVID cases. This will only keep us from seeing them again soon.”